Sunday, April 25, 2010

Home for my soap

I finally found it! I have been looking for something, anything to put my laundry soap in. I want to leave it out on the dryer for easy access. So here is what I found...

I know, I know, I can read. The fact that it says "Sugar" is a small problem. Very small. The real problem is what I spent for it....uummm....all I can say is it wasn't a thrifty was $23.00. I know, but sometimes when you find the "Right" thing, you just have to. The red color was Perfect for my laundry, and the size was perfect too. Anyway, I decided I wanted to make a chalkboard sign for the front over the word sugar. Off to the garage, I found a small thin piece of wood and cut it to size with, who else, Mr. Big...

Then a little chalkboard paint...

Then I just cut a piece of scrapbook paper for a frame (of sorts) and glued it to the back with good old Elmers.

I then glued it right over the word "Sugar" on the can. Like so...

Filled it with my laundry soap...

And look how cute, and so handy right there where you can easily get to it. I love it.

Oh and while we are right there, you can see the other chalkboard I made to cover up the ugly breaker box. You know, we all have them, mine is right there, first thing you see when you walk in the room. I thought a chalkboard would be cute so a few years back I made this one...
My, I should raise my prices! So all together they don't look to bad, I am happy.

Have a great day!

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  1. Brooke that is awesome! So purrrfect next to your chalkboard! That is thee most awesome idea to cover up your breaker box. Love it! Man now I'm wanting to do something similar to mine. . .

  2. This looks super cute! I love it.


  3. Hello! I am here from Motivate Me Monday. I love the use of chalkboard paint. I have always wanted to try it.
    -Mama E

  4. I love how your Laundry soap container turned out! The red looks fantastic and I love your chalkboard! You are so creative. xx

  5. Awesome! They match perfectly! And you rode the chalkboard wave way before it hit blogland - way to be a trend setter :)

  6. It looks great!! I love the color and chalk board!

  7. Great Idea to cover the breaker box with a chalkboard. Love the colour of the frame! i think I would have spent the $23 on the sugar box too, lol. I love the size and shape of it.
    Thanks for your visit today!

  8. Totally cute :)! Thanks for linking up!

  9. good idea. My breaker box is hidden in a cabinet behind all the food (doesn't meet regulations is my guess!)

  10. This is a super cute idea!! Keeping my eyes peeled for a super cute container for my laundry soap when I am out thrifting, thanks for the idea.