Friday, April 23, 2010

How I found my home

Hi everyone, I was just over at Leanne's at Organize and Decorate Everything and she told the story of finding her home. It got me thinking about my home. You know a home doesn't have to be large, new, or perfect in any way. All it has to be is full of people and things you love and then it becomes perfect for you.
We built our home in 1995.
This is an older picture of our home. (Just so you know, that is not the street you see in the front of the picture. It is our round driveway.) When we built our home we were poor. My husband had just started a new job and the opportunity came and we took it. So glad we did because we build what we could afford then and so it was easy for us to pay it off and then spend money of improvements as we made more money over the years.
We only had a few requirements that we just had to have and they were; Front porch, entry, pantry, and just one open great room no living room. Those were our requirements. I drew the plans very simple so that my husband would be able to build it himself. He is veeeerrrrryyyy handy, but hadn't build a home before. But, we had to save as much money as possible. He did most of it himself with help from friends and family. It was very stressful and difficult but now we have a beautiful home that we have now built on to. (A large family room in the back.)
I don't have a picture of the finished room. But it is only 35 degrees right now so I am not running out there to take one. Maybe later.
Would I build a different home now if I were to build again. Yes, I would love a larger laundry room and I would make a few other changes, mostly just larger rooms. But I love my home, not because it is perfect in the worlds eyes but because we have made it a home with wonderful memories of family, friends and things we love.
How did you find or build your home? Do you love it?


  1. That's awesome. Things are so much more special when they are truly a labor of love.

  2. That is totally awesome he built it by himself! My dad did that too. . . just the way you guys did. So smart. Build what you can afford; pay it off. Add later. So smart!