Tuesday, October 6, 2015

New Fall Mantel

It's Fall again! I love Fall! Love the colors and the cooling off of the weather. Love the Fall fashion too! It's all good!  Did something a little different this year on the mantel. Some new, some old.

Now you know my favorite season, what is yours?

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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Another Awesome Gallery Wall

You know, there is something about watching a gallery wall come together.  I just love how they evolve from one small idea. I am a fan of adding items other than pictures also. I think it makes it so much more interesting to look at.  I usually start on the floor, that is where all the layout happens.

The "LOVE" was purchased at Rod Works. It was just galvanized steal so we painted it turquoise for more color.  The black frames were all from Hobby Lobby and the cute red ones are from Rod Works.  The board is the fun part I love.  I got the board at Home Depot already 1 x 4 x48.  Spray painted it white then sanded and rubbed stain on it. But the cute part are the clips, purchased at Office Max then spray painted turquoise, red, and brown.

Then it goes on the wall!
Oh how I wish I could stand back and get a good picture.  Grrrr!

Here is a break down of the sections...
These letters add the color and texture needed for interest. I love them!

This is on the left side of the "LOVE" and then another set of the same on the right side.  I just lay it out until it looks good to me.

Then the adorable handmade clip hanger.  It just adds so much and these pictures will be easy to change out.

Put all together it looks great.

  Such a fun wall to check out while you head down the hall.

How do you organize and hang your gallery walls?

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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Living Room Makeover

Well as I promised, we can go right into the living room from that darling entry with the blue dresser.  This living room needed some updating.  It was the 80's flowered wallpaper border and floral couch, loveseat and chair.  So we started with some neutral paint and carpet. Then, because the room is mostly used for piano playing we didn't need much seating.  These two club chairs were ordered online and they work perfectly for a little reading or listening to the piano.

The cute little tables were old antiques from her family.  They just happened to work out great.

There is just one window in the room.  But it is a nice size and this beautiful fabric was chosen for the panels and pillows.  A couple tall shelving units were purchased at Costco and they flank the window.

This was such a fun room to do. Probably because it was such a drastic change.  So when you need to do some thinking or have a private conversation, I got the perfect spot for ya.

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Thursday, July 30, 2015

A dresser for the entry

I was at a friends house today and just noticed how cute her entry is.  I helped her decorate it years ago and I made this bench and shelf with hooks for one side.  It is the smaller side and the bench works out really well here.

But the other side has a longer wall and needed a table of sorts.  She used to have a sofa table type thing there but one day we were talking about getting something new for there and she remembered she had a small dresser that belonged to her husband's family.  I said "What, all this time and we could have been using it."  So she got it out of the attic and it was a little plain but I envisioned it with crystal knobs and a bright color.  We had just redone the living room off the entry and it has some blue in there so it was decided that blue would be perfect. 

We slipped in on down to our friend Michelle who painted it up with some chalk paint and distressed it. Oh my heck, it turned out perfect! It brought some color into the space and the knobs from Hobby Lobby really dressed it up. My friend is an awesome framer and she reframed a mirror that she already had.  We picked up a couple things for the top and of course a new rug and it was done.

What do you think about using a dresser for an entry table?  Maybe next week I will show you what we did in her living room right off this entry.
                                                           Thanks for stopping by,

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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Where there's a will there's a way

So have you ever really wanted something and everyone kept telling you you can't have it it won't work, it won't fit, it's too big?  Well this was my need/want item...
I really love this guy.  He has ice and water, freezer on the bottom.  Oh, he is perfect.  Except he doesn't fit...so sad.  We looked everywhere...he was just too tall to fit in the spot.  What do we do now??? I suggested maybe a new kitchen...A NO!  So it looked like I was going to have to settle...I could special order one to fit but it didn't have ice and water.  Dang!  I was sooo looking forward to that.  But then, an idea began to form.  We could raise the cabinet, you know a lot of new kitchens have cabinets that are on different levels on the top. So, we called in Mr. cabinet man.  He raised it up like this...
Looks great! And I got the big one I wanted.  BUT, that's kinda weird to have just one cabinet raised up and the rest down.  Well, let's raise another one, and I know which one.  My new microwave was larger than my old one and it kinda hung low over my stove.  So why not?  

 Look how great it looks.  Like it was suppose to be that way. 

 Now I feel like I did get that new kitchen, Ha!

Oh, and have you tried this...a large area rug in the middle of your kitchen floor?  I tried it for two reasons, I don't love my tile and I thought it would be nice to stand on.  Well I love it.  It seems like I don't have to clean the floor as often and it is so nice to stand on .  Wish I would have done it sooner.
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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Gallery Wall

Well I had to do it, I just love all the gallery walls I've been seeing.  They are everywhere.  I have a fairly big wall in my hall that I have displayed pictures on a shelf.  I like it, but, I wanted a gallery wall.

So it all came down.  I also had some empty frames that were odd shapes so I thought I could use those. I laid out a blanket on the floor in the size that my wall was and started arranging. I took a picture so I could remember how I liked it.   This is what I came up with...

I added two round mirrors, the letters that spell "love", a wooden "S",  and the board with three clips on it.  I got them all at Hobby Lobby.  Just wanted to add in different shapes and things that weren't pictures too.  I sprayed all the frames black and painted the mirrors and the "S" green.

 After all that,. it was ready to go on the wall.  I just pulled up the picture I took and followed it to get the right arrangement.

  If you look close you can see my" Dirty Little Secret"...

Yes, that is what is left of the wall when I took the shelf down, Uuuuggghh!  And, I will have to hear about that from my hubby.  Nothing a little spackle and paint won't fix, right? That is from "Me" being to impatient to wait a day or two before putting up decorations after painting. I just can't wait, so I usually pay for it later.  Do any of you have that problem?

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Monday, July 6, 2015

New, old buffet

So excited about my new, old buffet!

 I know this great gal who is so talented and has a great eye for furniture that just needs a little somethin' somethin'. You know what I am talking about, right?  I have been looking for a buffet for this wall in my dining area for soooooo long.

Well this dear talented friend found me the perfect piece.  I was so excited.

So I have always thought I would paint it red, when I found " the one".  But,  I pictured it there and red just wasn't right.

  I knew it had to be green, olive green.  My friend picked up Anne Sloan Olive Green and went to work.  She called me when it was done and OOOOHHHH BABY!  I ran down to Hobby Lobby for some crystal knobs...

...and there it was...the perfect piece!

My New, Old Buffet!

Have you painted up an old piece of furniture lately? Tell me about it.

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