Friday, August 2, 2013

Free headboard to darling bench

Oh my, it has been "Forever"! I have been doing sooo  many things I just have to share.  I love to see what everyone is up to and hopefully you will be inspired to do some projects that you have had on the back burner.
I found this headboard at a garage sale.  It was free.  I have wanted to make one of those darling benches from a headboard and footboard for so long.  Usually you only find a headboard and not the matching footboard.  I was lucky this day.

I cut the footboard in half and trimmed the top down.  Only because I didn't like what it looked like.  Then you attach the footboard to the headboard at a 90 degree angle.  I used screws through the back to attach them.  I then put on the 2x4's for the base of the seat.  I used 1x4's to make the top of the seat. I had to cut one to fit on both sides using my jig saw. 

Here it is all put together.  I spray painted it red, sanded, and then rubbed walnut stain all over it.  I love how it turned out.  So fun and unique.

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Monday, January 31, 2011

Laundry room "mostly" finished

Yea! I love my new laundry room. Well I guess I shouldn't say new, it's just kind of a makeover. You remember I got a new washer and dryer and painted the room. Well I have just been putting the finishing touches in there now.

There is a picture of those beauties. I have really loved them, but, you do have to remember I was using 20 year old ones before.Here is my new sink and tile counter my hubster did for me. And, look there above the sink, I needed some place to hang things to dry so hubster did that for me too. Gotta love it.Then for the "Mudroom side" of the room. I got this fabric at JoAnn's. I covered the bench with some quilt batting and then stapled the fabric on top and trimmed with a board around the edge.
Then I made a little curtain to hide some things under my fold-out table. I can hide alot of stuff back there.The baskets on the shelf above the bench holds hats, gloves and scarves.
This little cabinet hides the fold out ironing board I made from one that hangs over a door.I don't know about you but we have winter here. I always have wet gloves and hats when the family comes in from the cold. I bought this shelf thingy from Walmart years ago and it works so well to dry and warm up the hats and gloves. Just place it over a heating vent. Everyone puts their wet items on a shelf and the heat blows up through the vent and dries all three shelves of gloves and hats. It works great. In the summer I just put it away under the fold-out table, behind the curtain.
In most of the pics you can see I got a new rug also. I ordered it from I got one that almost covers the whole floor this time. I am tired of wet boots making a puddle of muddy water on my tile. Hopefully this will help.
If you would like to see what the room looked like before you can go to my laundry room show and tell post.

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Saturday, January 1, 2011

The New Year is here, where did 2010 go?

Can't believe the New Year is here. I have really been slacking and I don't see any changes in that area. I am having trouble finding time for blogging or maybe making the time. I so appreciate all of you who have been following and this has been a really fun year or almost a year. I have gotten to know many of you and enjoy your blogs so much. I am sure I will be checking on you and seeing what you have been up to creatively speaking. I understand you will be leaving my following but I will leave the blog so that I can easily check on you and still comment. Do you know of a way I can do that when I don't have a blog?

Thank you to all who have left thoughtful comments and followed along. I have really enjoyed this adventure because of you.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

My Christmas tree

What a crazy time of year. But, I love it. There seems to be no time but all I want is time to enjoy the season. The tree is up and decorated Yay! I did things a little different this year. I didn't put any ribbon. It was actually an accident I just forgot, but I like it for a change. Here she is...

Off to do more shopping. Almost done. How about you?

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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas Mantel #1

I am slowly getting Christmas out. The mantel's are always first here at our house.
So here is mantel #1.
Do you Believe? I got this at Tia Pan two years ago. I don't know why but I love it.

Now ask me why my stockings are not hung in the middle of the mantel, go ahead ask me...well, because we use this fireplace alot, and my husband thinks it is a fire hazard. It is a gas fireplace...I don't know, I just do what I am told. He is usually right about these things.

The santa was given to us by some friends and the berries are some I already had. No, nothing new this year.
These three little bears sit on the hearth, had them forever too.
So there she is, mantel #1. I'll be working on mantel #2 today. Can't wait to see everyone's Christmas mantel's.

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Just had to share my thoughts tonight. I am feeling very thankful. We have been having some serious winter weather here lately. Yesturday, I started out at 9:00 in the morning to the city for some groceries and a little Christmas shopping. I only made it about 5 miles and decided to turn around it was too dangerous. The roads were very icy and snow covered. I came home to my very nice cozy house and cleaned the rest of the day until the kids got home from school.

We had to try it again for an orthodontic appointment in a town 15 miles away. It was okay going down but on the way home we hit a very icy spot and slid off the road about 30 feet into some very deep snow, barely missing a freeway sign and came to a stop. Of course, we were stuck. Before I could get my husband called, a man from our community was going down the other side of the freeway, turned around and came back to help us. He didn't know it was us until he got there. He was just coming to help whomever it was. I was so thankful that there are great people out there who will stop to help a stanger in need. He is in his 70's and could have used a million excuses not to stop. He and my husband were able to get us out. No injuries, not even the car. So thankful. Again, I was able to continue home to my warm cozy home.

Today, as the storm of the year is hitting us. Schools were let out early and were canceled for tomorrow because of this storm. Winds and snow like I haven't seen in a long time. I think how thankful I am to have a warm home for my family.
I was able to add a few leaves to our thankful garland.
"Home, kind people, warm fire, and family."
Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
What are you thankful for?

Monday, November 22, 2010

Progress on the laundry

Still working on the laundry. I bought new handles for the cabinets. This is what I had...

These little darlings are what I got...
I have decided to not paint the laminate cabinets because I am afraid of how they will turn out. They are very easy to wipe off and they don't look as bad with the new wall color and their new handles. I have been working on the tops of the cabinets too. Here is what I have come up with so far...
That is an old wash board that was my grandma's, love it. My old soap container that I won't be using anymore and a welcome sign I already had.
I used one of the baskets I got from JoAnn's great sale and a pitcher I already had.

I am still looking for fabric to cover the bench and we are installing a sink in here also and tiling the counter top. Just a few more projects to get done.
Don't you just love progress?