Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Vignette Day

It's Vignette Day at The Stories of A 2 Z.

I thought I would show my vignette that is up in the vault of my great room. I have a large shelf that was once suppose to be a mantel. I needed something up in this peak, so I used it up there. I have some wonderful old things. This old radio that was my father-in-law's is really neat. Also, this neat lantern that I think I stole from my mom's house. By the way, if you think you are seeing some cobweb's or dust, you are. Sorry, it is really high and I have to bring the big latter in to clean so it doesn't get done to regularly.

My walls are not white. The light today is bad, because we are getting snow, yes, snow. So it is dark and maybe that is why the walls look white. They are a creamy tan color in real life. I had this cute wire basket so I put some pine cones falling out for cuteness.
Then I found this arrangement and it was perfect for some height.
Under the mantel shelf looked really bare so I found this grapevine thingy and it fit perfect to fill up the emptiness.
Here it is all together...
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  1. I love that radio! Sooo awesome.

    And yeah, what the heck is up with the snow??

  2. I love that radio, Brooke! What a great looking piece. Great idea to use the grapevine thingy, too. It does fill in the area nicely.

  3. Your grapevine thingy works great in that space and what a fun collection of vintage items. (Don't tell, but I have dust too! You can see it all over my mirror that I didn't bother to clean before slapping up on my mantel. :) Thanks for linking up!

  4. Love the old radio, and let's hope your mom doesn't see the lantern and want it BACK. :-)

    Lovely vignette ... and I did not see ANY dust, but it I had, it would not have bothered me. We have an old house the GENERATES dust -- I just think of it as a protective coating on antiques!

  5. I love the old fashioned look of your vignette, especially that radio! Everything looks great! And you got snow? Now I don't feel so bad about the cold here in Maine. :)

  6. I'm loving the crooked branch. To cool. :)

  7. So cute!! I love the old fashion look of it! I'm so sorry that you are getting SNOW, what a bummer!

    Thanks for swinging by my blog! :)