Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Boys room

I have 2 boys, M is 13 and C is 9. Because we only have 3 bedrooms, they have to share because the other room belongs to my 17 yr. old daughter. M can't wait till she moves out. M is a cowboy, loves ranching and the outdoors. When he was born I did a cowboy room for him.

Then along came C he is anything but a cowboy so I decided we needed a little more generic boys room. I decided to just use denim as my theme, so to speak. I still used some things from the cowboy room but brought other things in too for big C.

The room was a taupe-y grey color. I painted it a more tan color. It was a nice change. I bought bunk beds to get a little more room in this very small room. I bought these denim quilted bedspreads at Target.

Then I got this oooolllldddd dresser from a neighbors garage for free. It was disgusting. I painted it dark brown and now it is great for the boys.
I love to have a cork board or magnet board in kids rooms. They always have something they want to hang on the wall or some keepsake that usually changes from week to week they want to put up somewhere. A cork board works so well for that. I did one for each of the boys. The letters above the cork board is, of course, for their names and I did them in denim blue with "stitching" in cream.
I saved old Levi's and blue plaid shirts so I could make the patchwork runner on the
dresser and I covered the storage box tops with the same patchwork.
You know how boys love to keep things and need extra storage. I made these little storage box, benches. They were just a simple box and the top lifts off so they can keep their treasures in there.
They have handles on the side so they can be moved around for sitting or standing. They have been quite handy.
I had this crate that was my grandfathers.
I decided it would work great to house the game cube and games along with a DVD player. With the tv on top, it is still low enough for them to sit on the floor to play games. Which is what they like to do.
I am not a great sewer. I don't have patience and I don't know how. So, for the boys window I bought denim fabric and made this treatment without having to sew or anything. I bought a silver rod and clips from Target and clipped it up after doing the treatment to the top and bottom. (I will tell about that in a later post.)
This post is getting long so I will just show some random pics to finish off the room.
Made this lamp from a metal cowboy thingy...( I'll tell about this later also.)
I made this to house M's guns.
This corner you have probably seen before in the post about hat storage.

So there it is. The boys have enjoyed it and I think it fits them both better.
Have a great day!

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  1. I love what you did Brooke! The letters. . . the storage benches. . .so cool!

  2. You are so creative! There room is awesome! I'm back from Jamaica and a married woman now... come see pics!

  3. Great Job! Love the patchwork

  4. Love it! Thanks for your comments on my blog. You are always so sweet. I'm following you too now. Love all your ideas.

  5. Very fun room - the storage benches are just perfect. Thanks for linking up to Be Inspired today.


  6. What an amazing job you did on this room! I really love those storage boxes with the plaid covers. Great job making them. They go perfectly with the cowboy theme.

  7. What a fun boys room...not too little and not too grown up.

  8. What a great room transformation to be able to fit both boy's styles. Did you get the spreads at Target recently? I've been hunting for one for my son. This looks perfect. I can copy, right?

  9. Love your storage benches. I have a blue jean faux paint theme starting to run through my 3yo's room (you can see it on my blog). I may add a storage bench similar to yours. I really like it and it looks simple to make. Thanks for the idea! Rebecca