Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I pulled out the fall today.

I don't think I usually start this early but you early fall decorators are getting me in the mood. I first have to say I LOVE FALL! Every thing about fall, I love. The cool air, the colors, the smells, the baking, and the decor. Ooops! I forgot! There is one little thing I don't love about fall....Halloween. Now don't send me any hate mail. I just have never loved that holiday I kinda wish I could just skip that one and get on to Thanksgiving and the ultimate... Christmas. I am sorry to those of you who love all things Halloween but I hope you can still like me a little.

I pulled out the boxes marked "Fall" and this is what I found.

A whole lot of faded old fall decorations. I kinda lost my zest. I pulled out a few items that I thought I could use and went to work on the front porch. This is a wreath I made a few years ago.
It has faded in the sun and needs some brightening up.
But I put it up anyway. Then I pulled out the dead patunia's from my planters, all that is left is the Geraniam's. I tied a orange glitter ribbon around the planters and said "Welcome Fall!"
Dang I need to buy or make or steal some new fall decorations. Maybe tommorrow I will see what I can find for the entry. Humph!
How is your fall decor? Is it in need of a little updating?


  1. Lol - you should totally steal those decorations ;) I'm with you - I wouldn't have gotten any fall decor out until later in the month except for seeing it all over the place! Plus the leaves are starting to change and it's getting (thankfully) so much cooler now at night, so I couldn't resist just a little. I love your wreath - how do you fasten it up there?

  2. I love fall too! I'm going to have to pull it all out while the hubby is busy with his fantasy football drafts this weekend.

  3. I love fall-- I just wish this state would actually have a fall and not just a partial/eaten up by Winter one!

    So can you put your finger on why you don't like Halloween? I hated it for several years and then I figured out why:

    my mom would never help and/or buy ANYTHING for Halloween costumes. I was always embarrassed about looking like a doof.