Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I pulled out the fall today.

I don't think I usually start this early but you early fall decorators are getting me in the mood. I first have to say I LOVE FALL! Every thing about fall, I love. The cool air, the colors, the smells, the baking, and the decor. Ooops! I forgot! There is one little thing I don't love about fall....Halloween. Now don't send me any hate mail. I just have never loved that holiday I kinda wish I could just skip that one and get on to Thanksgiving and the ultimate... Christmas. I am sorry to those of you who love all things Halloween but I hope you can still like me a little.

I pulled out the boxes marked "Fall" and this is what I found.

A whole lot of faded old fall decorations. I kinda lost my zest. I pulled out a few items that I thought I could use and went to work on the front porch. This is a wreath I made a few years ago.
It has faded in the sun and needs some brightening up.
But I put it up anyway. Then I pulled out the dead patunia's from my planters, all that is left is the Geraniam's. I tied a orange glitter ribbon around the planters and said "Welcome Fall!"
Dang I need to buy or make or steal some new fall decorations. Maybe tommorrow I will see what I can find for the entry. Humph!
How is your fall decor? Is it in need of a little updating?


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