Monday, August 30, 2010

Where do you blog party.

Have you been to the "Where do you blog party?" Over at There are some really great spaces, very inspirational. I thought, since I have just fixed up my space recently, I would show mine too. This space is a large closet we turned into an office space. It is located right at the beginning of my main hall so it is in the main living space so as not to be away from the rest of the family.

Since I am not the only one to use this space, I love that it is right in the living area. That way I can just pop on the computer when ever I need to and I can keep track of the kids when they are on. That is where I blog now hop on over to the Where do you blog party and see where everyone else blogs too.



  1. I love this party-- and I looove that you have a great space. Sadly, ain't no way I'm participating 'cause this corner of my room I blog in is one sad, sorry mess!

  2. Your blogging space is great Brooke. I love that you are able to be close to the family and still have your own space. xx

  3. Brooke--
    your son could totally learn to play the harmonica on his own. Mine came with one little slip of paper that explained it generally to me, and at first I'm like "Crap! This is hard!" but seriously within 30 minutes I'd figured it out. It'll be the same for him (so fun).

  4. Now that's a brilliant use of closet space ! Who needs a room when you can have this perfect office spot? Thanks so much for sharing your space this week, everyone is so inspiring !