Monday, July 26, 2010

Where do you put your paper?

Where do you put your paper for your printer? I found a solution, for me and my limited space, that I thought I would share. This is it...
I actually built this before my blogging days and have never finished it. See here it is as I was using it under the printer...
I used to have the printer on the counter and the paper in a pile in front of it. As you can see, I don't have alot of space so every bit of counter is sacred. So I ran off to Home Depot and bought a 1x12x4 pine board. I cut 2 pieces 4 inches long for the legs and the top measures 19 inches (long enough for 2 packages of 8x11 paper). I nailed the legs on and then for support I used a 1x2 board under the top and between the legs for support. I already had that board but you can also buy those at Home Depot. Then a little black spray paint...
This height makes it so I can still open the printer top without hitting the top cabinets.
It was a great solution for me and my space problem. And now it looks much better painted.

Have a great day!

The Girl Creative
Keeping It Simple


  1. It really matches now - esp with your memo board on the wall behind it. Great solution - our paper is in a file drawer taking up space.

  2. Great idea!! I'll have to make one of those too. dropping by from girl creative just something I whipped up.

  3. That is a great idea!!! I love how simple and sleek it is!