Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A little accessorizing always helps.

I'm about done messing with my office nook. I bought a few things to accessorize the top of the cabinets and on the shelf. I bought the red tin vase and the black box that says Dream on it at Tia Pan. The other things I already had. The box with the old post office box door my brother built for me. When they built a new post office in his little town he got a few of the old boxes. I love how it is a combination lock and not a key .

Ya, I know you can't read the "Dream" because of the little wood rail. I thought about ripping that off but I don't know. I raised the box up by setting it on a book but that still didn't help. Oh well.


Now for the shelf...
I bought a few things here also. The black box came from Walmart, the little topiary and the calendar came from a new store I found called Real Deals.
And the ugly thermometer we had. It has to stay. We do use it alot to see how hot it is. But we have never figured out how to set the clock so it is an hour off. So I have another clock hanging on the wall that I already had.

So, since we are rounding this little makeover up, let's see some before and afters of the whole thing...

I really enjoy this space now that it is cleaner, more organized and cuter.
Thanks for stopping by.


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