Monday, July 19, 2010

Home office "closet"

This is going to be my new project

I think it needs some help. I got all "Gung-ho" and thought I would paint the cabinets and walls. Hubby put the "Kabosh" to that. Soooo I thought, it still needs some serious help. I have several projects that I will post seperately. But I did get started today.
I was looking for ideas online and ran on to a cute idea from Better homes and gardens site. ( I wanted something on the back wall behind the computer screen. So these bulliten boards will work great.
I started with 2 11x14 frames. One I had and the other I got at Joann's for $6.99. I spray painted them black along with some thumb tacks.

Using the cardboard insert in the frame, I cut foam core to fit in the frame.
Then I cut the fabric I got at Joann's, (1/2 yard for $5.00) a little larger that the foam core. Glued it with, what else, the trusty glue gun.

The I laid out how I wanted the ribbon to be on the bulliten board and glued them down on the back with the glue gun.
Then I stuck in the black (spray painted) thumb tacks wherever the ribbons crossed.

Then it was ready for the frame. Stick it in and wa-la! I love how it turned out.
I was so excited to hang them. Here is the one on the left.
And the one on the right. It has to sit behind the printer but it still works great.

Um, just in case I was able to convince hubby that the cabinets need painting...what would you suggest? Just asking?

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