Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Keys are hung...recap

I am just so excited about the 3 different areas that I improved with my $9 purchases. You remember...
The keys got hung, love how they look...

Then with the 2 little topiaries I did this...
And After
Then with the iron scrolly thing I did this...

That just makes me excited to look at these new areas in my house. Don't you just love to get something new? Even if it is just something small, it changes the look or feel of the room. Maybe I just get excited over small things. What about you?


  1. I'm with you, Brooke! The small things are the best. The keys turned out awesome. And, I didn't know you hung the scroll separate from the picture frame, lol. Call me a dork. :)

  2. I think I get more joy out of my little inexpensive finds than any of my big purchases! You've certainly put yours to good use...love your keys...and those little topiaries look really cute on your shelves!

  3. I love the keys!! I'm actually in the process of finishing up my own key decor. Great post and great blog!

  4. Ooo! I love the keys!
    So cute. They totally look GREAT scattered like that!

    Good eye!

    And you are TOTALLY getting a bang for your buck with all those thrifty finds!
    You go, girl!