Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Where there's a will there's a way

So have you ever really wanted something and everyone kept telling you you can't have it it won't work, it won't fit, it's too big?  Well this was my need/want item...
I really love this guy.  He has ice and water, freezer on the bottom.  Oh, he is perfect.  Except he doesn't fit...so sad.  We looked everywhere...he was just too tall to fit in the spot.  What do we do now??? I suggested maybe a new kitchen...A NO!  So it looked like I was going to have to settle...I could special order one to fit but it didn't have ice and water.  Dang!  I was sooo looking forward to that.  But then, an idea began to form.  We could raise the cabinet, you know a lot of new kitchens have cabinets that are on different levels on the top. So, we called in Mr. cabinet man.  He raised it up like this...
Looks great! And I got the big one I wanted.  BUT, that's kinda weird to have just one cabinet raised up and the rest down.  Well, let's raise another one, and I know which one.  My new microwave was larger than my old one and it kinda hung low over my stove.  So why not?  

 Look how great it looks.  Like it was suppose to be that way. 

 Now I feel like I did get that new kitchen, Ha!

Oh, and have you tried this...a large area rug in the middle of your kitchen floor?  I tried it for two reasons, I don't love my tile and I thought it would be nice to stand on.  Well I love it.  It seems like I don't have to clean the floor as often and it is so nice to stand on .  Wish I would have done it sooner.
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  1. great idea to raise the microwave area! we were really limited with the fridge we had to get b/c of it being a built in, i love how you made yours work.

  2. I think you are on to something with that rug!! Love the cabinets like that.

  3. Perfect! I think the "after" looks better than the "before". Happy mistake?

  4. I love your uneven cabinets, I think it adds interest and a custom feel! The large rug is great, too!

  5. It looks great! We needed a new refrigerator a few years back and ran into the same problem. Our solution was to redo the kitchen! Enjoyed your post We both posted in the Party Palooza Linky Party
    Enjoy your weekend, Mickey

  6. Perfect solution! Looks fab and like the new rug as well.