Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Gallery Wall

Well I had to do it, I just love all the gallery walls I've been seeing.  They are everywhere.  I have a fairly big wall in my hall that I have displayed pictures on a shelf.  I like it, but, I wanted a gallery wall.

So it all came down.  I also had some empty frames that were odd shapes so I thought I could use those. I laid out a blanket on the floor in the size that my wall was and started arranging. I took a picture so I could remember how I liked it.   This is what I came up with...

I added two round mirrors, the letters that spell "love", a wooden "S",  and the board with three clips on it.  I got them all at Hobby Lobby.  Just wanted to add in different shapes and things that weren't pictures too.  I sprayed all the frames black and painted the mirrors and the "S" green.

 After all that,. it was ready to go on the wall.  I just pulled up the picture I took and followed it to get the right arrangement.

  If you look close you can see my" Dirty Little Secret"...

Yes, that is what is left of the wall when I took the shelf down, Uuuuggghh!  And, I will have to hear about that from my hubby.  Nothing a little spackle and paint won't fix, right? That is from "Me" being to impatient to wait a day or two before putting up decorations after painting. I just can't wait, so I usually pay for it later.  Do any of you have that problem?

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  1. It looks great, Brooke! Yes, I am an impatient decorator. I would've done the exact same thing! ;)

    1. Kim, so glad to hear there are others like me. I will have to let my husband know...he thinks I am the only crazy out there. Ha Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Yup, very impatient - and it gets me into a trouble alot. :) Looks great - thanks for sharing on Trash 2 Treasure Tuesday.

  3. I really like your gallery wall and the love sign is awesome. Cathy

  4. Love it, Brooke! And I use this same method for gallery walls--laying it out & taking a picture! It helps!