Monday, October 18, 2010


I made these boxes for a client a few years ago.
When I made them back then I painted them dark blue and there were four of them. She called about a month ago and wanted a new look for that wall. So we took the boxes down and did this new look.
She really loved the new colors and new shelf.
But she wanted to reuse the boxes somewhere. So I painted them red. I really like how the blue came through when I sanded them. I also rubbed on a brown stain to soften the red a little like I did on the shelf.
Before, I hung them vertically. This time, for a change, I hung them horizontally.
It was nice to reuse them and see the different options for them.
I can never remember to take pictures when I do a house so I am unable to share anything with you. I hope to do better at that. This time I remembered, amazing, so I am sharing.
Have a great day!

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