Saturday, October 2, 2010

The making of a side table.

Changes! Sometimes I like changes. But, this change is one I will hate. My daughter will move out in less than a year to go to college. I can't talk about it or I will bawl. But it will happen and my middle son is so excited to have his own room, he can hardly wait. We put a queen bed in her room, recently. It is a small room so it is all bed, but my son will need a queen bed by the time he gets in there. He is growing like crazy.
I know that is a long way to get around to how I need a table but now I need a bedside table for this bed. (It also needs a headboard but that will have to be later.)
I have built alot of furniture in my craft/boutiquing days. But I had hung up my tool belt for a long needed break. I dusted it off for the murphy bed project so it was ready to go.
I used a 2x4 cut length wise for the legs. My table is 24 inches high.

Each side is a 1x6 cut to 12 inches long.
I drilled holes then screwed two screws in through the 2x2 leg and into the 1x6x12". Then I did the same with all sides. The top measures 18"x18". I glued and nailed it with finish nails.
I filled the holes with wood putty. The holes where the screws went in I filled with wood plugs.
I routed the edges and sanded the whole thing. Ooops! I forgot about the fake drawer. I cut a scrap piece of pine down to about 1x4x10". Glued a wood knob on and glued it to the front to look like a drawer front.

Now I have another problem. As I said, in less than a year my son will take over this room and it will be painted and redone. So I don't want to paint this table to match her room now, which would be white. I know that I will want it stained for his room along with whatever headboard I make. So anyway, here it is.

She will probably just use it unfinished. At least until I decide what to do. Changes, Humph!
This table was built for less than $20. Could be done cheaper if you just used planks on the top. I used a 18"x4' board that cost $15 but I have enough left for another larger table. Not bad!

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