Friday, August 6, 2010

IKEA first timer!

I made the trek to IKEA today. (It is a trek from my house, about 60 miles)I was so excited because I had heard so much about it and had never been. I walked in and I was overwhelmed. I finally figured out where I was suppose to go and I made the long trek around the store. It feels kinda futuristic. I like how they had like little apartments set up with kitchen, bed and baths, also amazing closets. I have to say I like the style there but it wouldn't really go in my home. It seems real young and hip and I guess I'm not. I did find something there though. I've been searching for an organizer for my desk. IKEA pulled through for me with this for $9.99.
I like how it has slots for all the pencils and scissors etc. I hurried home and put all my stuff in it.
That is my IKEA story, do you have one?

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