Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Got Boys? or Husband?

If so you may have these laying around your house...
My son is determined to keep every and all hats he comes in contact with. We made a deal. He can keep all that he can hang on these...
(I promise they are not as crooked and un-level as they look, it is just a funky angle.) I really don't mind the hats as long as they are off the floor, bed and dresser. So I made these hangers for the one wall in the boys room. I just purchased a bag of pegs for like $3 and I had scrap wood in the garage. I bought a package of 4 hangers with teeth for the back to hang them on the wall (two each so they would stay level and in place.)
I drilled three holes on each board and glued in the pegs with wood glue. Then stained them in a medium brown color I already had. And wa-la. Off the floor, bed and dresser.
Enjoy your day.

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  1. Like your wood hangers. I just need to teach my boys to actually hang them up. Thanks for visiting my blog!

  2. My husband has a ton of hats too, so I feel your pain. :-) Great solution with the hat hooks!

  3. Great idea! When my husband and I got our first apartment he had about 50 hats and we had little space to store them. Somewhere we got a not so bright idea to just put a nail in the wall for each to hang on. Needless to say when we moved the landlord was not happy. Those hats cost us $150 for the painters to fill the holes and retexture the walls before they could repaint. Since we moved they all have been sitting in a box. I might try your idea just so we can see them again! :)

  4. You did a great job! Very crafty and organized. Can't beat the price, either. That same project would be great for hanging jackets, scarves, purses/bags, ties, and necklaces/bracelets.

  5. Great idea. We have the same problem here at our house. The hanger of choice right now are the kitchen table chairs. I hate it!

  6. They can't live without their hats, can they. They look so much better hung up than all over the room. I love the hangers you made. THanks for linking and everything looks fine from here. I think the x is there if you want to change anything on your end.