Wednesday, March 17, 2010

More bathroom organization.

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Hope you are all wearing green today. My son, who is still in elementary school, was not concerned about wearing green. He said all he had to do was put green marker on his hand. We were having trouble finding a green anything for him to wear.
I was inspired by Leanne @ She was organizing her things in glass jars and put the glass jars on a tray. Love that look. Now look what I have my cotton balls and Q-tips in..

Yes, that is dust. It isn't really easy to dust, looks great doesn't it. Ha!
Leanne got her jars at a thrift store, I looked at my thrift store, nothing! I went to Walmart and found these two for $3 and $4. Not bad! I already had the mirror in my closet. Looks sooooo much better. Cleaner, and richer, right?

I know I need some more colorful towels, but ahhhhh I just love organizing, it goes right along with decorating, doesnt' it?


  1. That looks great! I saw a post somewhere the other day about how rolling towels saves space. I did it in our linen closet, and I'm not sure it does save space, but it looks super cute. Your brown towels would look cute rolled, too :)

  2. Love the jars and the mirror tray. I also like the idea of rolling your towels. xx

  3. The shelf looks lovely... great ideas! ~ kim