Thursday, February 4, 2010


I needed a table. I like to read in my room because it is quiet and if I shut the door sometimes I get a few minutes without a "Mom, mom, MOM". I just thought it needed a little table to set a book on and a lamp.

Well, I looked around the house and found this plant stand. It just happened to be the right height, 24 inches.

I had the round glass that you can get at Walmart for $5 to go over those fabric covered tables.

I put a couple round rubber thingy's, that you use on the back of pictures so they don't move around on your wall, on the table to hold the glass in place. And it really doesn't move.

I also had to spray paint it, because it was green and that just wouldn't work. Now look, I have a perfect table, okay, maybe not "perrrfect" but good enough and cheap! Free!

This is my little reading corner, not bad.


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