Saturday, January 1, 2011

The New Year is here, where did 2010 go?

Can't believe the New Year is here. I have really been slacking and I don't see any changes in that area. I am having trouble finding time for blogging or maybe making the time. I so appreciate all of you who have been following and this has been a really fun year or almost a year. I have gotten to know many of you and enjoy your blogs so much. I am sure I will be checking on you and seeing what you have been up to creatively speaking. I understand you will be leaving my following but I will leave the blog so that I can easily check on you and still comment. Do you know of a way I can do that when I don't have a blog?

Thank you to all who have left thoughtful comments and followed along. I have really enjoyed this adventure because of you.


  1. WAIT! Does this mean you're done? LIKE DONE? Serious? This makes me sad! You don't feel like oh. . . updating us quarterly? Maybe? Really? I feel like someone pulled the rug out from under me. :(

  2. Bummer Brooke! Maybe you'll feel like popping in for a post now and again?

  3. Ok, lame! I barely found your blog today, and you are quitting? Just update once every 2 months like me, and then I can see what you're up to! You don't need a blog to comment, though, just use your google account and you can still check up and post on everyone else's blogs.