Monday, November 22, 2010

Progress on the laundry

Still working on the laundry. I bought new handles for the cabinets. This is what I had...

These little darlings are what I got...
I have decided to not paint the laminate cabinets because I am afraid of how they will turn out. They are very easy to wipe off and they don't look as bad with the new wall color and their new handles. I have been working on the tops of the cabinets too. Here is what I have come up with so far...
That is an old wash board that was my grandma's, love it. My old soap container that I won't be using anymore and a welcome sign I already had.
I used one of the baskets I got from JoAnn's great sale and a pitcher I already had.

I am still looking for fabric to cover the bench and we are installing a sink in here also and tiling the counter top. Just a few more projects to get done.
Don't you just love progress?


  1. Oooh it looks lovely! Love the washboard and the soap container!

  2. Very cute Brooke, Love your accesories. I have laminate cabinets in our laundry room too. I would love to change them or paint the m. I know you can paint them. I believe you use a good primer. Google the direction. We just added more storage. My husband is working on our laundry room. There was empty space above the cabinets. It was walled in, so he knocked out the wall and we will add baskets for extra storage. We also got 2 new light fixture. I am going to paint it and add some wall words. Happy Thanksgiving...Linda

  3. Everything is really turning out beautifully Brooke!!! I like the new handles you picked out. I'm with you on the painting- I'd be nervous the paint would slide off. :)
    But what about Mod Podging them? I bet that would work if you still wanted to do something with the front of the cabinets?? Just an idea.

  4. Love the new handles, Brooke! I also love how you are distracting the eye {even if it is your own} from your cabinets. I think they look fine, but as I am doing with a current client, who can't change out her kitchen cabinets yet, we are going to spray paint her existing knobs and dress up the tops {and her countertops}. This will give her a little boost for little money and when she can, she will get new kitchen cabinets.