Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My own Thankful Garland

I just loved this idea from tatertotsandjello. I had to make my own. I am a simple girl and so mine is simpler but just as effective.
I went to JoAnn's with a coupon hoping to find a fall garland. I found one that was already 60% off. I got it for $7.Then I picked out 5 different fall colored scrapbook papers.

I already had clothspins so I just put them on a jute sting and spray painted them brown. I didn't worry too much about covering them completely, I just wanted them to not show up in the garland. (This is the first coat, I did two.)
I cut out 5 very simple leaves from each color paper. There are five in my family and I thought 5 things to be thankful for was a good start.
During family night we talked about gratitude and all that we should be thankful for. We each wrote 3 things we are thankful for and pinned it on the garland.

I put the extra leaves and clothspins in a bowl with a pen and encouraged everyone to add more leaves throughout the month. Who doesn't want grateful kids. I don't care how old they are this is a great idea. Don't you think?

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