Monday, June 21, 2010

Oh how I would love Trex.

I have two decks, one on either side of the new addition. One is small and mostly just a step out.
But, the other is the old deck that used to be at our back door before we added the family room on. We took it apart and put in back together, it saved alot of money. They are both redwood and need to be stained every other year, if not, every year.
Anyway, for now I am happy I have a deck. That is the way to be grateful. Isn't there always something we want. I use Behr brand stain from Home Depot.
It sure makes things look better.
I use the same stuff on my cedar fence. It is a good job for the kids. Ha.
This is what the "old deck" in a new spot looked like...
And now...

My dear hubby put this pipe in the ground next to the deck so we can put our umbrella in it. It works better there for us than in the table.
As you can see it is morning and the umbrella isn't really shading the deck, but it sure works in the afternoon and evening.
I also found a great way to stain a big deck. I used a roller on a long broom handle. It sure saved the back and went pretty fast.
We do enjoy the decks and patio. And, I am very grateful!
Have a beautiful summer day.


  1. What a huge difference the stain makes Brooke. Your yard looks very pretty and I like what you did with the firepit. xx

  2. Ooh it looks so good with that stain. I really need to do that with ours. My dad just refinished his (huge) deck with trex. Nearly $3000. I can't believe he coughed all that dough up for it. (looks great though)