Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Kitchen organization

You know that commercial when the woman opens her cabinet and the entire contents of storage containers falls out of her. Well, my cabinet that holds those is on the bottom or that would be me. Check this out...
I blame this on the kids when they unload the dishwasher they don't put lids with containers and they just throw them in there. I have to say it's not only the kids. I have done that also when in a hurry. So it is time to clean out. Look at all the junk that won't be going back in...
Lids with no container and containers with no lid.
Now look at what I have now...
A whole pull-out drawer, empty. I'm sure I will find something to fill it with.

Well, that's not all I could actually go on for quite a while. But this one really gets to my husband.
Do you blame him? I always know when he is in that drawer searching for something. It kinda sounds like this... Uuuuhhhh! Grrrrrrr! Uuuuuuhhhhh! It can actually ruin a good mood within seconds. I better work on it. I decided I would use a couple containers that didn't have lids (I was going to throw out) to organize smaller things in the drawer. Like so....
That should help. Now how do I train the kids to put stuff in its place. That could be difficult
Oh my, I just opened my other utensil drawer. This has to be my last one. I have laundry calling my name. But look, do you think it needs attention?.
Sometimes it just needs a good clean out and I moved the utensil tray to the front. That is what we use the most from that drawer. Better?
Leanne @ Organize and decorate everything was my inspiration today. I am linking to her party.
Organize and Decorate Everything


  1. Hey it looks great! I recently tossed some of those plastic containers too. I really like the little organizer for the pudding sized containers and their lids - where did you get that? Thanks for all your nice comments lately :)

  2. Go Brooke! I don't have kids to blame the mess on in my kitchen- I'm the only one putting anything away. :(

    Maybe this post'll help me get my rear in gear and get organizing!

  3. Yep I would be that woman too. I clean it out and organize it but it gets back in the same shape. FRUSTRATING!!

  4. Great job Brooke. I hate containers, but always seem to need them! And isn't it funny how things always work their way to the front of the silverware drawer!?

  5. I really think plastic containers multiply. I'm so excited you have an extra pull out drawer. I love extra space. It's so nice to be able to use container for smaller things too. It all looks great and maybe your hubby won't be making noises when he's looking for things. Haha! Thanks for linking again, Brooke.

  6. I have a cabinet like that, Brooke, also on the bottom and it's a corner with a lazy susan. Sometimes I spin that thing around 3-4 times just looking for the lid that is supposed to go with a container. Last year, when we were going to put our house on the market, I went through it all and got rid of quite a bit. I also bought that stackable you show, but haven't opened it yet. Do you like it?

  7. For most people the plastic containers multiply but for me I loose the containers and I have a drawer full of useless lids! I am still waiting for my organizing fairy godmother!

  8. thanks for stopping by c.r.a.f.t. I just love for everything to have a home :) great blog!

  9. I actually do this....use an entire drawer for just my lids, and then stack the containers in another cabinet. Works great! I recently had a party and friends were so impressed! But then they opened some other cabinets and drawers and saw the mess in those, so my cover was blown!

  10. Looks great! One suggestion: I notice you have beaters in both drawers...would those be better stored together in one drawer? Also, could you put the measuring spoons in with the measuring cups? (Okay...technically that's two suggestions).

    Hmmm...why can't I do this in my own house??? Maybe I will...when my hubby wakes up from his nap. :)

  11. I soooo need to do this too! We moved in last June and ya know how that goes. Just throw everything in the drawers just so you can say it is unpacked!:)