Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter Fun!

Since my creative juices are still recovering I thought it would be fun to share what we do as a family to celebrate Easter.
I have 3 kids, ages 17, 13, and 9. For many years now we have had a tradition of shooting our Easter eggs. I know, sounds strange. But we really do enjoy the fun of being together and we all love the outdoors.
During the week, we always color our eggs. Nothing fancy, of course. But we always do this as a family and enjoy dunking the little buggers.

Then we pray for good weather on Easter weekend and hopefully one of the days will be nice enough for a picnic. We have a little piece of property that is perfect for a picnic with a campfire. We roast hot dogs and smores. I make several salads and deserts we all love and then the fun begins. First off, is the Easter egg hunt. This makes a great spot for hiding the eggs with all the fallen logs.
The eggs are filled with candy but then there is one golden egg with cash. Of course, when the kids were little we could put $1 in the golden egg but now..... let's just say $1 just wouldn't cut it. (That's okay, we hand it out to them anyway. Might as well be in the egg.) Now that they are older they don't bawl when one gets the golden egg and they didn't. (Believe me, that did happen).
After the egg hunt, we get the colored eggs out and spread them out on the hill. And the shooting begins. My hubby gets in on the fun...
My oldest son is next....

Even I get in on the competition...

It gets competitive, everyone wants to be the best shot. Bragging rights, I guess. After they are all shot, the squirrels and birds clean up the mess. If weather permits we will fly kits or go for a 4-wheeler ride.
My family has always loved the outdoors and this is just a way for us to get out and enjoy a campfire and good family fun.
Hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend.

What fun family activities does your family enjoy during the Easter Holiday?


  1. Sounds fun! One fun thing my parents-in-law do with the plastic eggs they hide is put cheap little lottery tickets in some of them. And quarters, and a dollar here and there. Then it's a mad dash to find the eggs!


    LOVE y'alls view too, spectacular!

    Thank you for your comment about my fireplace pots, like you said in your 'about me' I like to work with what I have. My entire fireplace redo was things I already had (the shovel is still muddy) except for the birds which I picked up at the dollar store.

  3. LOVE this! I want to come shoot easter eggs with y'all this weekend. What a great family tradition.


  4. That has to be the most interesting Easter tradition I've ever heard of... shooting eggs? How fun! My boys would be envious. I've had the same issue with money in the eggs.. so last year I put money in a FEW eggs, only have two sons.. Well, one got all the ones with the money. Ugh, you just can't win!

  5. I've never heard of shooting eggs, but it sounds like great fun. My family would love it. Hubby and son-in-laws and going golfing tomorrow and I will be painting a changing table for my daughter. Then we'll do all the fun Easter stuff. Have a great time!