Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Cedar Post Candles

My dad brought me these, so I thought I would share them with you.
He had an old fence in the back of his property that he resently replaced. It was made from cedar posts. Of course, they were very old and grey from the weather. He cut them in sections and sanded. He went to Walmart and bought a box of a dozen votive cups with candles. Very inexpensive. They were 2 inches in diameter so he drilled holes in the top of each with a large 2 inch bit.
Then he sanded and sanded and put several coats of clear, Minwax semi-gloss sealer on them with a paint brush. And Wala!
I think they are so pretty. But I love wood and the colors and shapes.
Also, for me, its kinda fun to know they came from my old home, where I grew up.
But, I was thinking, you could do this with so many different things. Like, if your decor is more contemporary, you could use new 4x4 posts. They would have very straight lines. Or, you could use a pine tree post with bark or birch tree with bark. Anyway, just thought I would share my dad's new creation.

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  1. What a nice gift for you, your Dad did a lovely job and knowing the history of them makes them extra special. xx

  2. Those are great and how special that your dad made them for you. I'll post the frosting recipe later ths week. It's yummy. I gained 3 pounds.

  3. Hi Brooke, just wanted to let you know that I have left you something on my blog! xx