Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Front entry

So, I have been needing a little pick up in my entry. Just a little one. Maybe some new items for the table. So I thought I would share what I have done.
I made the table years ago. (Yes, I said I made the table, I used to make all kinds of things with wood but I got sooo tired of it I had to take a break. A long break.)
It actually used to be forest green, you remember the forest green days, don't you?
Now are the black days so it is black.
I bought the green ball, the books the green ball is on, the little green pitcher, and the vase with the twigs. Oh, and the runner that I bunched up under everything.
I'll talk about that in a minute. So here is the wall the front door is on. I used to have a little bench I made sitting there where the plant stand is, but I needed a change so in came the plant stand.
Now, about the bunched up runner. Does it look to much like a store display or do you like?
Or without?
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